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I’ve been working like mad the last few days. I recently purchased Sommerset Workshop 2 and Collage Workshop, both wonderful publications that walk you step by step through basic to advanced techniques — it’s hard not to be inspired by the lessons, and that’s exactly what I’ve been, excited. Trying new things.

I found an antique mall near my house, and journeyed there last week to see what they had to offer. I found TONS of old postcards, magazines, and small papers, along with old books. Some were so pretty, I couldn’t imagine altering them. There are so many amazing things to be found, and most of the prices were very reasonable. I only wandered around one mall — and there are three in total!

While there, I stumbled upon their craft market, where I can put my cards for sale. I want to get the holiday cards up as soon as possible, so I’ve been a crazy mad woman grabbing up papers and photos and ribbon to make a few more designs to get printed and sold. I can’t decide if they should be sold individually, or in packs of 10 or so…I’m sure I can do both, the simpler cards sold in a pack and the more elaborate ones individually. I’m so excited to be so close to selling some of my art — whoever said you can’t make a living as an artist or writer didn’t try very hard.

I also have my first piece for sale. I’ll post a picture later, as the one I took wasn’t very good. I’m also open to take commissions for cards, that is, create cards just for you!

Today will be spent making card layouts and working on a short story I’m hoping to get published. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck!


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Cleaning House

cleaning house

A new period in my life means a new journal. Until reciently, I’ve been creating my collages in a bound volume that was more journal-sized; each page was a bit too small to house the collages, and so, I was working over two pages, meaning there was a seam in the middle. Not only did the book begin to grow thick, but the pages became uneaven because of all the added paper and paint.

In previous trips to Michael’s, I’d seen spiral bound memory books that had pages made out of acid-free card stock instead of notebook paper, and thought it’d make a good journal. Of course, the cover needed to be decorated.

I love image transfers. It makes for fun, vague images that leave more to the imagination then the original. I just had to use one on the cover of this notebook; one of my favorite images, as the cover’s what I’ll be looking at the most! Making the cover was a ton of fun, and tying ribbons on the sides just is a bit of added fun.

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A new beginning

My new set up allows me to easily photograph and blog my artwork, so a new blog was needed.

I’ve begun keeping an illustrated art journal again after a period of time when I didn’t journal much at all except online, and even then, the entries were more fluff then anything else. This new round of journaling came about after talking for a bit with a customer at work about art journals — she was looking in our store for the right watercolor paper to bind her own journal and wasn’t having much luck. While she wandered the store (as many people do, for we have LOTS of fun things), she told me about her own experiances in journaling and those she admired. I told her I got started because of Danny Gregory, and she told me about Teesha Moore. As most of us keep our journals behind the counter, I wrote down the info. Before leaving, the customer told me I’d love the site.

And I did. Her artwork was inspiring, and the page she wrote on her process spoke to me. Finally, I had an instruction book to modify and follow to help me create.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’m reading “The Artist’s Way,” an amazing book that’s already started to change my life and I’m not even finished with it, yet!

And now, off to create before work.

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